Professional Roofing Solutions & Construction, LLC. has expanded its reach to the home’s interior. With the formation of Professional Home Improvements, LLC., PRS has added another weapon in its arsenal of customer service — a branch of the company that can tackle anything in the interior of your home.

Our services include professional painting and drywall, along with kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We have in-house professionals skilled in tile work and flooring, as well as framing and new home construction. Need a fireplace built? We’ll send one of our stonemasons to do the job right.

The idea for expanding our scope was born out of our desire to provide our customers with a complete solution. When our work was done on the scores of roofs we’ve replaced and repaired over the years, we often found that the job wasn’t done for our customers. They would still be strapped with the interior repairs due to excessive water damage caused by their leaky roof.

It soon became apparent that if we truly wanted to serve our customers, the answer was to become the one-stop shop for their entire project.

The next step was to locate the artisans who shared our core values and were willing to adhere to our strict code of quality. At PRS, given the company’s unique, employee-centered culture, it wasn’t hard to find those skilled individuals. In short, everyone wants to work for us, so we have the luxury of being selective.

It wasn’t long before we’d filled our ranks with the best and brightest from all construction disciplines necessary to tackle anything from the top to the ground and all around. At Professional Home Improvements, LLC., we will not stop until the customer is singing our praises from the top of their own leak-proof roof.