Ceramic or porcelain tile installation — at Professional Home Improvements, LLC., our tile professionals can dress up your bathroom or kitchen with quality craftsmanship.

With a well-established complement of flooring installation specialists on staff, PHI can provide the expertise necessary to give your tile project that pristine aesthetically-pleasing look.

At PHI, our goal is to finish your tile job with the flair and precision to make your kitchen or bathroom the envy of the neighborhood.

The key to doing this is to ensure there is little waste and very little incidents of having to use smaller pieces of tile.

Our expert masons do the mathematical calculation to ensure the most full pieces of tile are used throughout the project. The fewer pieces that have to be cut with our wet tile saw, the better.

The homeowner’s eye naturally goes to a specific spot on a floor or wall that has been tiled. We start at that high-visibility area and work outward. Then, we measure multiple times to ensure we maximize the number of full pieces we use.

Additionally, our use of grout will show our level of craftsmanship and expertise. Grout can be used to either contrast or compliment the tile. Our artisans can also design a pattern using multiple colors of tile and find the right grout color to tie the entire project together.

Whatever the job, whether its in the kitchen or bathroom, or on the floor or a wall, let PHI’s skilled masons bring your ceramic or porcelain tile project to life.

Our contractors know all the latest installation techniques and only use quality materials and products for the job.

If you are thinking about tiling your bathroom, kitchen or any other part of your house, Professional Home Improvements can make your dream a reality. Call us today to receive a free estimate.